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May 28, 2012

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The Complete Venison Cookbook: From Field to Table

The Complete Venison Cookbook: From Field to TableAlmost two decades ago my wife, Ann, and I made the first of what would be many forays into the field of writing cookbooks. Our first effort was a book devoted entirely to venison cookery, and as a part of recipe testing and getting the work ready we ate venison twice a day for a full six months. I shot a bunch of deer that year (we have liberal limits and a long season here in South Carolina) and worked them up in just about every imaginable way. While venison on the table, properly prepared, offers about as fine and flavorful eating as one could wish, not to mention being very healthy, adherence to the truth forces me to admit that at the end of that six month period of preparation I was ready for a break.

Yet the end result, The Complete Venison Cookbook: From Field to Table, was a resounding success. We sold tens of thousands of copies of the simple, straightforward little book and it drew rave reviews from columnists and cooks alike. Indeed, I was little short of amazed when the publisher (Krause Publications, which had subsequently been taken over by F+W Publications) took it out of print. The book was still selling a thousand to two thousand copies every year, and on a personal basis I filled orders with some regularity.

Once it was out of print the book suddenly became an item in great demand. Never mind the fact that it was a simple, comb-bound paperback, with a cover ugly as homemade sin (we had nothing to do with the cover choice), suddenly it was bringing ridiculous prices on eBay and Amazon. A book which originally sold for under $15 was going for $100 or more. That told me two things—there was an obvious demand for the book and there are people willing to pay a lot more for a bunch of venison recipes than I ever would have thought.

With that by way of background, along with fairly frequent inquiries from folks asking if I had the book, I decided to dip my toe into a pool of technological water I have heretofore avoided. Namely, I’ve moved forward, with the help of a lot of expertise that I most certainly do not possess, to make the book once more available. This time around it is in both printed and e-book form.

The e-book won’t be available for a few more weeks, but I just got in the printed form. Here’s the real skinny on the book. It is paperbound, 201 pages, and contains 210 venison recipes, dozens of sauces and marinades, a dozen full menu suggestions featuring venison, and information on field preparation, aging, and care of venison. The book’s sections include: Choice Cuts, Crockpot Cookery, Venison on the Grill, Ground Venison and Cubed Steak, Soups and Stews, Sausage, Jerky, and Little-Used Parts, and Suggested Menus.

The book is quite reasonably priced at $14.95, and for my e-newsletter customers only, from now through the month of June, I’ll pay the postage. You can order through my website using PayPal, or just send a check to me c/o 1250 Yorkdale Drive, Rock Hill, SC 29730. Bon appétit!

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